Da Plan!

I have been a Magic player for more than half my life (and I am 34 the day a post this). I’ve never been to a Pro Tour, but I have made day two of a GP (a long time ago). I loooooove competitive Magic: the rush, the mental challenge, the friends… but I’ve never been good enough or dedicated enough to have real success. For some time now reading daily about the game, looking at coverage of tournaments and playing once a month with my friends was enough for me. But something made “click” in me a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure which the trigger was, but I decided that I wanted to dedicate more time to one of the things I love the most. For some reason, now watching coverage is not going to cut it. I want more.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t aspire to become a pro or qualify for the Pro Tour (at least not yet), is not a realistic goal right now. My plan consist in three steps:

1) Dedicate more time to Magic. Play more, write more about it and be a more active part of the community. Time is a scarce resource for me: I have a very time consuming work and some family issues that take most of time. But I do also just sit in the sofa watching TV series more than I should, so the idea is to organize my time better to dedicate some more to this game.
2) Get better at playing Magic. I have played in two Nationals, day two of GPs, won prereleases and be around PTQ Top 8s in the past. I am nowhere near that play level right now, and I want to get that back. And improve even more. I have Patrick Chapin’s Next Level Magic book, MTGO tickets and a lot of will to do it. So lets see how far I can get.
3) Go to more tournaments. I have been going to at least one GP a year for the last three, so now that I am more committed I want to up that number a little bit. Bear in mind that there is only one GP in my country a year, so this is a big commitment. I’ve already decided to go to GP Bilbao and GP London next season. Also, the plan includes being a more active part of the community both locally and through the “interwebs”. Having a local network is great to improve and that is not easy done from the sofa. So I will go to at least two FNMs a month and all the PTQs I can.

So that’s Da Plan! And this is the platform where I will talk about it.
Welcome to my journey.