First Steps: Magic Online

One of the first things I wanted to do is reopen my old MTGO account. For someone with very little time to go to tournaments or play at a friends house without having to plan ahead, MTGO can be the only way to play regularly. Somehow, I have been ignoring this possibility lately, and my plan includes changing that trend.

I have had the account since forever and I have used it on and off. Mostly off, lately. So of course, after spending quite some time installing the client, it had to do a lot of updating. One hour later, at last I could click the launch button, just in time to discover I didn’t remember the password. Well, no problem, I can use the “Remember my password” option, right? No, it couldn’t be so easy: there was some kind of mantainance happening and I had to wait. Another hour passed but now I had my account active again, time to sell some cards and play some Magic.

Not quite. I was trying to sell some cards when the client crashed and I had to restart. And all of a sudden I remembered why I didn’t play more MODO, I don’t have the patience. Or at least I hadn’t, but now I am convinced I need this tool and I will make it happen. Whatever it takes.

The first thing I did once I jumped back in was to set all my collection as tradable, except for Ravnica dual lands, M10 dual lands and Zendikar fetch lands. Then I went directly to trustable buying bots (those of online stores like MTGOTraders or MTGOAcademy and started selling cards. I could have easily get better prices with other bots or selling the cards myself, but I need to invest time and as I said multiple times already, Time is a scarce resource for me. So I gladly took the 100 tickets I got from the bots and prepare myself… To close the client and go to bed. It was too late for me and I had to work in the morning, so my first draft would have to wait. This gives me time to prepare a little bit, gather the LRCast excel sheet and learning how and which stops I have go set up.

But be sure I’ll come back to you, MTGO.